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bravo big boyWe are launching a YouTube Channel featuring our history documentaries we have produced and broadcasted over the years. This will also show the future productions as well. Please CLICK HERE to view and subscribe so you will see our latest productions.


All of our historical documentaries are broadcasted on television or featured in film festivals. Youtube is an extension of our reach and a platform to make our shows available to folks who share our passion for history, told by those men and women who lived through defining times. This is Rick Claggett who fought in Vietnam with the help of his best friend, Big Boy. This beautiful story is set deep in the jungle. click here to view this one and other beautiful stories.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we honor American history through the story telling of everyday folks who allow us into their lives so we can share their contribution in making our country great. We are humbled by their stories and mostly their trusting us with them.

Warmest Regards,

Patty Butler Spiers
Director of From Mists of Time


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