This unprecedented WWII training program, “Warriors in Training” draws from the American WWII heroes and their experiences, as well as those who lived under the bombs in England, Austria, Germany and Japan. This cutting-edge teaching tool for at risk youth will compare war experiences to struggles against poverty, low self esteem and lack of guidance toward personal and professional success. We are proud to be partnering with The Community Prep School to launch this first-ever American History curriculum, using the words of those who were there for those who will follow.

Character is an element of success that is rarely discussed in today’s classroom. By utilizing the words of these war heroes, brings character to life. The youth can see firsthand what it means to be committed to a mission, courage to struggle through toward an end goal by the emotions and stories of real warriors.

The “Warriors in Training” educational video series examines what characteristics war veterans to be known as “the greatest generation of all time” and relates them to the struggles of today’s youth. The interviews are crafted to highlight experiences and memories of war veterans to teach youth how to sustain themselves against today’s sometimes overwhelming pressures and obstacles. Many of our youth battle poverty, lack of education and dysfunctional family relationships. Bringing these two groups together is a powerful connection tool that can lead to life-altering results. These American heroes can pass on battle strategies of the heart, to youth and arm them with skills for life.

The “Warriors in Training” video series can show our youth they are not alone in facing difficult challenges. This program brings war to life and relates it to the daily battles many of these young people face. Seeing and hearing these heroes’ stories of facing and overcoming the challenges of war, living through it and fighting in it, are not only inspirational, but vital to encourage our youth to keep moving forward regardless of their circumstances. Please see a B-17 Tail Gunner talk straight to the kids by clicking below.